A Greater Insight into the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry

The general public may find that the oil and gas industry is a boring subject. This opinion may very well change after spending some time here. This is a site that is dedicated to sharing and expanding the knowledge about the Canadian Oil and Gas industry, and it is anything but boring.

The Important Canadian Oil and Gas Companies

This section focuses on the importance of the Canadian oil and gas companies. There is some really interesting information on the site. For example, there is some coverage about some of the serious oil spills that Canada had to deal with.

Historical Information

For some people, history may be boring. This section has managed to present some historical information about the Cdn. oil and gas industry so that it is interesting and exciting to read.

Canadian Oil Drilling

We had to include a section about this because it is such an important part of the oil and gas industry. Hopefully you will find yourself saying “I didn’t know that!” many times over when visiting this section.

News and Views

This section is going to bring you up to date with what is taking place in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. It is interesting and revolves around some important issues.

What Does Gambling Have to Do with the Oil Business?

This is an intriguing section that revolves around using these two very different industries as examples. They may have more in common than you think.

The mandate of this site is to become the “go to” place when you want to learn more about this industry.