Canadian Oil Rigs for Canadian Oil Drilling

There are a lot of people who find the topic of oil rigs in Canada interesting. Not too many have a real concept of what it is like to work on one of these rigs. It does have its pros and cons. For those who are interested in this type of work they really need to learn about the basics surrounding it.

The Voice of the Industry

As with any industry there are usually organizations that support them. In Canada for the rigging industry it is the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors.

Drilling Rigs

These are the drilling rigs that are used in the Canadian oil and gas industry. This type of rig is used to tap into new resources for oil. It takes a fairly large crew to operate these types of rigs. Most often the workforce is divided into shifts. In most cases these rigs are operated around the clock. It is common for crews to work in a “hitch’. What this means is that workers will work long shifts that span over a two week period. Then following this a crew will be off for seven days and replaced with another one.

Quite often because of the remote locations of the site’s workers have to live in camps. Each of the camps has their own set of rules. For example, in some camps, no alcohol of any kind is allowed. These are referred to as dry camps.

Service Rigs

Once the oil has been tapped into by the drilling rigs they are then replaced with service rigs. They have the responsibility of mining the oil. A different crew is assigned to this part of the drilling operation. The downside with this particular type of rig work is having to move locations more frequently, although the moves are often in close proximity to each other.