Clean Up Fossil Fuels

When it comes to the oil and gas industry they are expected to take on their fair share of the criticism that comes with fossil fuels. Some say there is a clear distinction between these commodities, but there is in reality very little difference.

What Are the Main Fossil Fuels??

The most well-known fossil fuels are coal along with oil as well as natural gas. One of the main environmental concerns with these fuels is the CO2 emissions. There are several entities interested in cleaning up the air and believe there is a real urgency to do this.

Clean Air Approach

The need to sustain clean air is not something that is ignored by the oil and gas industry in Canada. But, for most people, not enough is being done. Nor is it being done fast enough. The Canadian government is taking an aggressive approach in combination with the oil and gas industry. Steps have been taken to reduce the emissions created by methane. Which directly affects the oil and gas industry. Specifically for the natural gas sector of the industry.

One of the approaches that is being implemented for this problem is conservation. Meaning to preserve the natural gas that is currently being wasted. This is going to put pressure on some of the Canadian refineries to reduce their emissions. The general public contributes to these emissions as a result of their use of natural gas for heating their homes. In the past when it comes to the fossil fuels it has been coal that has received the brunt of concern. But, it cannot just be restricted to this one type of fossil fuel.

A Global Affair

The quest to preserve clean air is not just the responsibility of Canada, but is a global affair. Some countries such as the US are more advanced in their accomplishments for reaching clean air goals.