History of Canadian Oil and Gas Milestones

It is always interesting to look back in history on any subject. When it comes to something like the Canadian oil and gas many find the history pertaining to this to be most interesting.

First Commercial Oil Well

The first recognized oil well in North America took place in 1858. This first oil well came about as a result of the efforts of James Millier Williams. Who by trade was a carriage maker. The location was in Lambton County in Ontario. The well was such a success that it instigated the first oil rush for North America.

Natural Gas

A first significant milestone for natural gas came about as an accident. A railway crew assigned to the Canadian Pacific Railway discovered natural gas in the vicinity of Medicine Hat. The original drilling was for water. This occurrence took place in 1883. By 1890 the gas was being used for cooking in the local area as well as for some heating along with lighting supply.

Striking Oil in the Northwest Territories

One many think that striking gold is the ultimate experience. But, striking oil can be dubbed as black gold when one thinks of its importance. In 1920 Norman Wells struck oil in the Northwest Territories. Not with the use of the modern technology that is used today. But it was done with a team using no more than picks and axes and the extreme challenge of digging through the permafrost.

Karl Clark

Recognized as being the oil sands pioneer Mr. Clark was intrigued with the Athabasca oil sands. This led him to experimentation with the oil extraction from the sands. His discoveries and findings open up doors for large-scale processes for the oil extraction from the sands many years later.

Other Milestones included:

  • Western Canada‚Äôs Oil Boom in 1947
  • Oil Sands Commercialization & Offshore Natural Gas in 1967
  • SAGD technology 1978
  • East Coast Oil Boom 1979