History of Oil Spills in Canada

There are few that would say that we could live the lifestyles that we have today without the use of refined oil and natural gas. At the same time, the opportunity of having access to these commodities has led to some unfortunate situations for the environment, such as oil spills. Canada has had its fair share of these even with rigid rules in place and great care being taken to avoid such occurrences.

November 2014

Just North of Red Earth Creek an oil spill of 60,000 liters of crude oil spilled in Muskeg. This was as a result of a mechanical area that took place in one of the pipelines owned by Canadian Natural Resources. Red Earth Creek is situated about 350 km. outside of the Northwest region of Edmonton. Fortunately, it was reported that this oil spill did not have any adverse effects on the regional wildlife. It was reported that the spill was contained mostly to the land owned by the company.

April 2014

In April 2014 Canadian Natural Resource had to deal with an oil spill that took place close to Slave Lake, Alberta. This time the spill consisted of 70,000 liters of oil and processed water. This region is about 250 km outside of the Northern sector of Alberta. Reports stated the leak was not in the vicinity of people or any water sources. Nor, did it have any effect on the wildlife. The spill was as a result of an above-ground pipeline failure.

June 2012

Enbridge has a 230,000 litre loss of oil to deal with as a result of a flange gasket failure in one of its pipelines. This occurred at a pumping Station not far from Edmonton. Quick action allow for fast containment of the spill restricting the majority of it to the site. No harm was created for water or wildlife.