Is Canada Being Unfair?

There is a saying that you can please some people all the time. But you cannot please everyone most of the time. This fits in quite nicely with the arguments about gasoline prices that are taking place in Canada.

The complaint that many Canadians and visitors have is the cost of gasoline. It is something that many have to adjust to, no matter whether they are using their vehicles to drive to work, or just for pleasure.

The news has picked up on complaints such as the price of gas being at an average of $1.37 a litre. With a barrel of oil costing about $67. When one does a price comparison with other countries, it doesn’t seem quite fair. Meaning that when a barrel of oil was $146, gas was $1.35 a litre. So what’s up with all this? Oil by the barrel is way cheaper but being sold to the public by the litre is not indicating this.

Set to Get Worse

Even for those who have reluctantly accepted that the price of gas is what it is, they may not feel this way much longer. Being as all indicators are that it is going to climb in price again. Thanks to the dispute between Alberta and B.C over the pipeline. Part of the blame can be shifted to the US. While on a portion of the blame rests on it happening to be summer.

All Oil Doesn’t Come from Canada

Even though Canada is a big producer of oil much of the gasoline used in this country comes from the US. Therefore there are a lot of factors that have to be taken in when it comes to the price of gas. The cap and trade in Ontario has led to some of the price misery.