Junior Oil and Gas Companies In Canada

Not all oil and gas companies need to be among the top five to have their importance recognized. Competition is good no matter on what level. It is not unusual for the smaller oil and gas companies to carve out their path to success and then get bought out by some of the bigger oil and gas conglomerates.

Crescent Point Energy

When one looks at the financial figures for this company they may not consider it to be small. However, when pitted aside the top five it still hasn’t quite made it to the top five. But, when it comes to growth this is a company that has certainly set the example. With the combination of the founder’s business sense and the market being ripe it created a combination for success.

Bonterra Energy

One of the strong features of this company is that the company does not have to expend much time or energy on seeking out funding. It is just the opposite as investors come to them. It is obvious that this company has a lot of merit to be in a position such as this. The company is progressing well in both growth and building financial stability. Two very critical components of the oil and gas industry.

Peyto Exploration and Development

Even in a market where natural gas was plummeting this company has held its own. It has done so by spending its dollars wisely and keeping its costs down. This company is impressive in many ways including its presence of the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 2015 it was accredited as being the best performing energy stock.

Tourmaline Oil

The founder of this company was no stranger to the petroleum industry. Having successfully built and sold two companies only created a passion for Mike Rose to rise up to the challenge of owning and operating another one.