Oil and Gas and Cryptocurrency

When one thinks about mining the first thought is that which is carried out by the oil and gas industry. Although there are many other types of mining operations. Such as gold mining and the new rage which is cryptocurrency mining operations.

Oil and Gas and Crypto Relationship

Cryptocurrency is one of the currencies of the future. It is still relatively new and not a common currency that is used in many of the different industries as yet. However, all indications are that this is going to change in the future.

The Petro Dollar

According to a recent article a new crypto coin has been designed that coincides with the oil industry. It is meant to have a relationship with barrels of oil that as yet are still in the ground. The value is p$1 meant to equal 1,000 barrels.

New Business Endeavours

There are some in the oil and gas industry that are showing a keen interest in the iron chain technology. So much so that a new cryptocurrency mining operation has been launched in Canada. This is being done by an Oil and Gas producer. The goal of this new company is to focus on the ecosystem. Their intention is to boost up the speeds for transactions. Then at the same time lower the costs of transactions.


As more people become aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency most likely it will become the norm to see more companies in the oil and gas industry branch out into the formation of more cryptocurrency mining operations. This will likely take place as the demand grows.

There are some skeptics who believe that cryptocurrency will never become a fully acceptable form of currency. But, some of these individuals are now beginning to change their minds as they have seen its growth in popularity.