Responsible Energy in Canada

There is always a concern by many in the public sector about responsible energy in Canada. Environmental activists work hard at trying to create awareness about the impact that the oil and gas industry has on the environment. This industry is now fighting back in respect to negative actions that some activists are focusing on.

Canadian Oil is Responsible Oil

Canada oil is responsible oil is a statement that is being made by Vice President of Communications for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. The general belief is that fact and fiction are getting intermingled. The challenge for the oil and gas industry is to keep three important aspects in balance which are;

  • Environmental protection
  • Economic Growth
  • Safe supply of energy that is reliable.

The Environment is Everyone’s Responsibility

While the oil and gas industry has to accept the majority of the responsibility for the care of the environment, everyone else has to make a commitment to doing their part. This is not only applicable to Canada but the United States as well. There are many other companies that are directly and indirectly involved in the oil and gas industry in both countries. A good example of accepting responsibility is through responsible energy financing which is something that should be implemented as much as possible.

Taking the Right Steps

Those companies that are involved in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry all have their own commitments to the environment. There are also stringent rules and regulations that are put in place on both levels of the Canadian government. Some of which have been implemented with keeping the environment in mind. When projects are being developed for oil sands development there is a lot of care and planning that goes into effect. Which includes the potential impact on the environment. Many consultations are carried out with different sectors of the community that will be affected by the projects.