The Success of a Canadian City

Every city in Canada has something in common. That is to be in a position where they are totally self-sufficient. Meaning that no matter what took place on a financial plain in the rest of Canada that particular city would survive. There is at least one city that feels they are very close to that position.

A City Sustained by Gas

This is a city known as Medicine hat that is located in Alberta. There are some news stories that are referring to this as a city as being like a “wealthy Little Country”

Medicine Hat Being Financially Savvy

Many that know the oil and gas situation in Medicine Hat equate it to being very much like Norway. Which is a small country but highly self-reliant and sustainable. Norway has what is known as a sovereign wealth fund. Medicine Hat is following in its footsteps in innovative ways. The city is collecting a treasure of money from the profits generated by the oil and gas industry and re-investing this. By doing so they are padding the security of the city for the future.

Medicine Hat Played it Smart

Something else that is unique about Medicine Hat is that it retained its ownership of its natural resources. The current oil product is 1,500 barrels a day but there are high hopes to increase this to 5,000 daily.

Medicine Hat Misconceptions

One of the fallacies that have occurred regarding Medicine Hat is that it is presumed to be a city that is always experiencing bad weather. Many US residents who truly do not know this city have this perception. But, the statistics show just the opposite. They show that this city is one of those cities in Canada known for having the most sunshine. Which happens to average about 2,500 hours per year.