The Top Five Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

There is no shortage of oil companies operating in Canada. Only a few of many are considered to be at the top for being the leading producers and most successful in the business.

A Competitive Business

The petroleum industry in Canada is a competitive one. This is what makes it difficult for the smaller or start-up companies to get on par with the major leaders in this business. These top five put a portion of their money into research and development. They are constantly updating their processes. Also, they keep on implementing new technology.

Suncor Energy

If one were to ask which out of all these oil and gas industries was considered to be the biggest then the answer would be Suncor Energy. It is well established since it has been in business since 1919. One of the reasons that this company has risen to the top is because of their attention to the tar sands in North part of Alberta.


Enbridge is a familiar household name to many Canadians. It has set its roots in Calgary. This company is most recognized for its energy deliveries to home across Canada. Rather than putting their focus on the production of oil and gas, they have built their business on distribution.

Imperial Oil

This company is mostly owned by Exxon Mobil Corp. Their main focus is on the production of crude oil and natural gas. Although it is quite heavily involved n petroleum refining.

Canadian Natural Resources

This is an all Canadian company that has gained its recognition over many years. Most of its popularity has taken place because of the Athabasca Oil sands. But, the company has not just restricted itself to Canadian soil as it now operates worldwide.

TransCanada Corp

Again another energy and oil company that has made Calgary its home. This company has gained its recognitions for the many miles of oil and gas pipelines that it is responsible for.